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Are you due for a service?

Your vehicle needs servicing and regular maintenance and this is done with recommendations from your car’s manufacturer.
Your logbook service will list the manufacturer’s recommendations. Most vehicles should be serviced every six months or every 10,000km—whichever comes soonest.

Car Service in Murrumbeena From Expert

Owning a car is great, isn’t it? But are you ready to deal with unexpected breakdowns at the
worst times? That’s what happens if you skip regular car servicing. Don’t worry; Huntingdale
Automotive is here to help.

We offer the highest quality car servicing in Murrumbeena to keep it running smoothly. From general servicing and repairs to performance upgrades, we can do it all. Our mechanics are
experts in servicing and maintenance, so you don’t have to deal with unexpected breakdowns.

Our Services in Murrumbeena

Here’s what our services include:

    • Auto Maintenance Services: Our auto maintenance services include servicing, brake and clutch replacement, new tyres,
      wheel alignment, tuning, fabrication and much more.
    • Brake Repair Pad and Rotors: Our brake repairs pad and rotors include brake pad replacement, brake shoe replacement,
      drum and disc machining, brake calliper overhauls, ABS diagnostic checks, repairs and safety
    • Shock Absorber & Strut Replacement: Our shock absorber and strut replacement services include shockers, strut and ball joints.
    • System Diagnosis and Repair: When your car’s “check engine” light is on, it means it’s time for a service check. We use
      specialised tools and eqiptment to read error codes stored in your car’s computer. This helps us
      identify and fix the problem quickly and efficiently.
    • Air Conditioning Services: Our air conditioning services include car air-conditioning recharge, auto air-conditioning parts
      fitting and servicing
    • Tyres/Wheel Balancing: Our tyres/wheel balancing services include tyre replacing, wheel balancing/alignment, safety
      inspections and alloy wheels

What Makes Us Every Car Owner’s Choice?

    • Expert Team: Our professionals have extensive automotive industry experience.
    • Advanced Equipment: We use advanced tools for accurate problem identification.
    • High-Quality Service: We prioritise customer needs and explain issues clearly.
    • Affordable Prices: We offer fair, clear pricing with no hidden charges.
    • Convenient Location: We’re in the central Huntingdale shopping precinct, close to
      transport ( Huntingdale Station 100 metres ) and with flexible appointments.
Why face any hassle or breakdown on the roadside when you have professionals on your side?
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