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Your car's most important safety device

The most important safety device on your car are your brakes. The brakes consist of two major components – brake pads and discs. The discs help transfer heat generated from the friction caused when you hit the brakes. They need to be changed regularly. Brake pads also need to be changed regularly or they will create scarring on the disc surface, which will reduce the overall efficiency of your brakes.

Drive Safely With Brake And Clutch Repairs in Melbourne 

Brakes and clutches play a significant role in keeping you safe on the road. Malfunctioning brake or clutch components can cause dangerous accidents. That’s why they need regular check-ups and maintenance to do their job well.

At Huntingdale Automotive, we offer the highest quality brake and clutch repairs for all makes and models in Melbourne. Our expert mechanics carefully examine the condition of your brakes and clutches to help you drive safely.

Why Are Brake And Clutch Repair Important?  

Brakes let you stop your car quickly. This is important if something suddenly gets in your way when you’re driving. If your brakes are old or damaged, they won’t work well, which can be dangerous. The clutch helps you change gears easily. If it’s not working, changing gears can become hard and can harm your car.

At Huntingdale Automotive, we check and fix brakes and clutches to ensure your car works properly and keeps you safe. Our brake repair services include brake pad replacement, brake shoe replacement, drum and disc machining, brake caliper overhauls, ABS diagnostic checks and repairs, and safety checks.

Trust Our Experts For Clutch Replacement in Melbourne 

Over time, your car’s clutch starts to wear out and needs to be replaced. Our experienced mechanics are trained to diagnose and repair any potential problems with your clutch and replace it if necessary. 

You should get your car’s clutch checked if you hear a rattling sound when you press the clutch, if it has become too loose or too hard or it gets hard to select gears. Our mechanics are experts in replacing and repairing your clutch, giving you a smoother driving experience. 

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